All about Murphy Beds

Although Australia is a vast country, huge percentages of its population are crowded into very small sections of it. As a result, space is often at a premium. If you have been struggling with limited space, you should think about having wall beds installed. They present many space-saving opportunities and allow you to make the most out of the room you have.

The Basics -Wall beds are cleverly designed fold-away beds. One end of the bed is hinged so that it folds vertically up into the wall, or into a cabinet or a closet. The mattress is attached to the frame; normally, it is held into place with an elastic band or bands. Basic versions of these beds are simply a wire mesh frame and a mattress. Recently, though, more elaborate configurations have been added to many of them.

A Brief History -Wall beds were first patented by William Lawrence Murphy in 1916. Soon thereafter, Murphy began manufacturing them in San Francisco, California. In those early days, they were popular since people flocked to large cities and often lived in small, cramped apartments. The popularity of these beds decreased during the mid 20th century as larger homes and apartments became attainable. Today, space is once again at a premium which largely explains their increasing popularity.

Today’s Wall Beds -As noted above, these beds were once very simple affairs, consisting of simple bedding solutions on hinged platforms that folded vertically into a wall, cabinet or closet. Today, these beds are offered in a wide range of stunning configurations, and are more useful than ever. When folded, murphy beds can easily transform into shelving units, desks and other decorative furniture – this is a great alternative to useless walls. The result of these designs are beds that can be slept on during the night and workable areas such as home offices during the day. These can beds enhance the usefulness of any room, and help give you extra space.

Today’s beds aren’t just useful; they are also quite attractive. Unlike their predecessors, they come in a stunning range of colours, styles and designs. You do not have to sacrifice the interior design of your home in order to use a wall bed. Instead, you can easily play up and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home with one. All around, they have proven to be wonderful accessories in homes all around Australia. Whether you are in need of some extra space – or just want to get the most out of the space you have – a wall bed is always a prime option.